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Stone & Marble Floor Restoration

Basic types of stone

Marble, granite, terrazzo, limestone, and sandstone are the most popular stone materials that many homeowners in Australia choose for their flooring. The cost to restore your flooring will vary depending on many different factors.


Restoration cost factors

In some aspects the type of stone has a lot to do with the cost of restoration. The floor types listed above are types of stone that would most likely need restoration on a regular basis. Within these types of stone the cost still varies. Marble, on one hand, would be costly to restore; while limestone would be cost efficient.

The level of dirt and stains also affects the cost of the restoration process and cost. For a floor that hasn’t be restored in many years, it would be more expensive to fix than a floor that has been well kept, looked after and in a better condition. If you’re getting the floor professionally restored by VIP Stone Restoration, they will factor in the amount of time put into a project, along with other variables, to determine the cost of the overall restoration project.

It is a smarter option to have stone floors professionally restored by VIP Stone Restoration because they are experts on restoring floors. Spending more money at first on a professional is better than having to spend more in the future when your floors need to be restored again, although it is okay to make this a DIY project.


Restoration process

Each type of stone has different qualities than others. Because of this, each floor restoration won’t be the same. Restoring stone floors can change drastically; sometimes, professionals like VIP Stone Restoration are able to fix cracks and marks. In some minor case the entire stone needs to be removed.

The VIP Stone Restoration Professionals will begin with cleaning the floor to make sure there is no dirt or grime. Then, the floor is polished. This process starts by rinsing the surface of the floor and then by applying the polishing product to the floor with a buffer. The project is finished by adding a sealer to the floors. The sealer makes it so that stains won’t be produced in the future.


Avoiding Regular Restoration

To avoid regular restoration in the future, there are many ways to prevent your floors from being ruined. The floors should be frequently swept to avoid sand and dirt from damaging the stone. In order to avoid dirt from getting onto your floors, you can take a few precautions:

  1. Firstly, you should purchase floor mats. Asking guests to remove their shoes before walking on the floors is also a good way to help prevent this dirt and sand from accumulating and causing wear and tear on your floors.
  2. Secondly, you should be wash your floors every so often with cleaners, especially a cleaner that doesn’t contain soap to avoid streaks on the flooring. It is also smart to avoid harsh chemicals on the stone. They actually don’t help the flooring at all. Usually, they just cause the stone to dull out and look older.

Marble Benchtop Restoration

When restoring marble, abrasive processes are used and follow to successfully remove scratches and strains that are been created over time. This process is known as ‘grinding’ which means the marble is grinded to make the surface smooth and neat. Marble generally has its own shine that is naturally produced when first installed, therefore after grinding the surface does not require marble finishing and can just be left as it is.

It is best to bring in the expertise in the professional field to restore the surface and conduct any repairs on the marble bench top. If the marble needs polishing then it will be polished using professional equipment if you bring in a technician to restore the marble bench top. The polishing is not always a requirement and is really only needed if the shine has gone completely or if you want to add more shine to the surfaces and give it a brand new look.

When you first have marble installed you want to look after it and all of the bench tops that have marble, not only will this cause less damage along the way but will also ensure your bench tops are looking clean and fresh. If you use diamond pads it is important to take care of other areas around the bench tops surfaces so they don’t damage furniture during the process. Also when using the diamond pads you use water that may get onto the walls as it causes splashes; covering your walls and other furniture will prevent splashes. The splashes may also get onto the floor especially if you have wood or marble flooring, as the marble restoration can cause damage to the floors. It is recommended to invest in professional restoration workers who are able to conduct the restoration properly and use their skills to complete the job properly and avoid damage to other areas.

If you do marble bench top restoration yourself or are planning to then there are methods you can put into practise, however use with caution and be aware that you could potentially cause damage if not done properly. Doing it yourself can save you money and provide you with the experience in the future to do it yourself, given you have done it properly and are familiar with the processes. One of the methods is to cover all of areas such as the floor, and then begin the restoration processes to avoid are damage to other areas. Cleaning stains such as vinegar, juice and any other stain can be easily done with the right cleaning equipment. The issue with taking the restoration into your hands it that the marble is pours and naturally, which if exposed to liquid that are adhesive and strong, could absorb the liquid and damage the surface if not done correctly.

Another restoration process is to use powder and a mild cleaning product that is suitable for marble surfaces. After using this, it is important to wash to surface properly and keep it dry. This will also keep the surface shiny and look clean. You could also add a seal to the bench top to prevent further damage; this can be done yourself or by an expert.


Before & After – Marble Etching

Before – Marble Etching (Vanity)


After- Marble Etching (Vanity)

Before – Marble Etching (Table)


After- Marble Etching (Table)

More information on Marble Etching Repairs


How to Prevent Damage to Your Natural Stone Benchtop

When you have a new kitchen or have restored your kitchen, you want to look after it and ensure there is minimal damage, especially on the stone bench tops that you want to remain as they were when you first had them. There are many different things you can do to maintain your stone bench tops and avoid having to repair them down the line. Now inevitably there will be times where surfaces cannot be helped when stains are formed and generally damage happens to bench tops when they grow old with use.

Stone Sealing

One of the most commonly used and natural stones used for worktop surfaces are porous which Is susceptible to absorbing stains such as spillages and food droppings. To prevent and protect this type of stone, it is useful to place a seal on the stone such as plastic wrapping that comes that can be layered on top of the surface with ease, and can come off with ease too. This way the surface will be protected when cooking and using the surface area for other purposes. If you have children, this can be really helpful in that you won’t have to worry about stains or other marks being made if your children do spill or drop something.

There is a test you can do to check if your bench top required to be sealed up and is prone to quickly developing stains. Simply pour some hot water (in a cup) and drop on to the surface in one area that you use the most and allow to sit for around 7 – 10 minutes and then come back to it and wipe away. If you selected area has left a spot that is dark then this indicates that the stone absorbed  the water and the stone requires the seal.  Using this method will help you to make the necessary changes to ensure your stone bench top is durable.

The sealing itself can be done solo with your own hands however if you are not sure how to apply to all areas in a way that will stay on and not come off easily, it may be sensible to call in a professional fitter who can look after the sealing by following all processes to ensure it is on correctly and you don’t have any issues in the long term with it. You also want to make sure that the stone’s appearance is not dissolved and looks like something it is not with the sealing on.

Cleaning Equipment Should Be Stone Safe

When cleaning your stone bench top after use it is important to ensure you use the right cleaning products to avoid damage to the natural stone, as it is a unique type of stone and  using any old cleaning product will probably cause some kind of damage, such as burning parts of the surface, dark stains, and tearing away at the surface and removing the colour. This can cause a lot of damage and additionally costs to get the surface repaired, which you are trying to avoid. The best products to use are the ones that are designed for stone surfaces and to use a pH neutral cleaner that will clean the natural stone properly without causing damage to the surface.

Avoid using your own elixir of cleaning products when you don’t have a cleaning product for the stone, such as vinegar or any other cleaner that is acidic and cause damage to the bench top. You may think water and dish cleaning soap is safe but it will only cause damage by creating a foamy build up and even change the colour of the surface. Even avoiding cleaning products for glass cleaning, as these are not for stone bench tops. Avoiding these cleaning products and investing money for the right cleaning product will benefit you a whole lot more and save you paying to get someone to restore your stone surface.


Marble Benchtop Polishing

Polishing your marble bench top leaves the marble looks smooth and shiny. The powdered abrasives are used to hone the stone and then to switch to a different powdered abrasive that completes the polish to make it look good. The abrasives that are powder made contain crystals that are superfine and have aluminium oxide or tin oxide in them. The powder is usually white but sometimes can come In the colour of yellow, grey, brown and black. The way the powder works is in is put into the stone with a floor machine that uses water and cloth fibre pads, the powder is then turned into a slurry until a polish is formed to apply. The slurry is removed with a wet vec, then rinses the floor to get rid of excess powder.

The powders that contain oxalic acid are used to make the polishing process run faster however if too much it used, it can cause damage by burning stone. The effect of the stone being burnt will cause the stone to look molten and has a plastic shine, which is not what you want. Furthermore if you use less powder you may run into the problem of not having a complete shine so it is important to find the balance. 

When you first have marble installed it is a good idea to check and enhance sealing and perform grout cleaning to ensure durability and hygiene is achieved. Washing the grout by using a haze purifier will help to rub out haze that is coming from the marble that is fresh and new. Doing this will enhance the overall marble shine and seal to make it look classy and clean.

Marble cleaning is generally consistent of a mixture of cleaning agents and washing liquids as well as vacuuming. These tools will be able to polish areas that need to be cleaned and enhanced overall. Waxing is also a method of polishing that makes your marble look fresh and new. Every marble floor is different and may react differently to various waxes so it is important to choose the right one, knowing what type you have and what wax will work. There are professionals in the area that are able to polish your marble floor with all the right equipment, instead of doing it yourself; of course you will have to invest into this service but is can do wonders if you don’t have the time or resources to find the right equipment yourself. Furthermore having a professional do it ensures a good job and a safe procedure.

Marble floorings are often described as solid and strong that last a long time and that is true, however people run into many problems with marble flooring that requires repair and maintenance over a period of time. Damage such as loose tiles and cracked tiles can be turn  into a big problem and also a hazard, which is why there are restoration services available to recreate your marble floor and polish up your floor.


The Benefits of Repairing & Sealing Your Stone Floor

When your stone floor develops damage, it is important to consider and invest in repairing as this will prevent further damage and avoid further repairs along the way. The cost of repairing may be expensive but it is worth it in the end. There are many companies that offer their services for the restoration of stone floors. They will be able to distinguish the problems and work on fixing them correctly.

Visitors who come to your house generally look at the floor when passing and it is generally prone to exposure and comments if there are cracks and stains that appear on the floor. By leaving it to the professionals they will be able to professionally conduct the repairing to ensure it is done correctly and you don’t run into other issues in the future. Trying the fix it yourself can just lead to further damage and even injury, which is why the professionals are available.

There are many stains that can be created on stone floors as it is the main base for walking around the house and getting to where you need to be. Mud and sand can commonly get marks onto the stone floor and can be wiped off but they can also cause marks to the surface that will be harder to remove. Restoration services are quite good at saving your floor by removing any permanent stains that you have not been able to get and to repair any damages such as cracks. They will be using stone friendly products for cleaning and for repairing different things.

VIP Stone Restoration is aware of different types of stones, to repair without creating further damage. We will be able to get the job done in a reasonable amount of time and price.

Stone is popular and recommended flooring as it is strong and durable for everyone to use. Furthermore it is easy to fix any issues that come up with stone flooring. You will also find that stone is more solid and easy to walk on, it enables people to walk firmly and feel homely.  Stone restoration companies not only offer stone repairs, but also stone sealing, polishing, and stone restoration in a whole; all these services enable you to change the way your home looks and give your stone floor a look that is fresh and modern.

Wear and tear is something that inevitably is going to happen to almost all surfaces, especially floors given that they are walked on and used a lot, but you can do your best to maintain them and take care of them to avoid having to invest in repairs however repairing your stone floor will prevent further damage and make your floor look enhanced and new.

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