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Stone Restoration Sydney

stone rejuvenation sydney

You can rest assured that VIP Stone Restoration Sydney offers a total range of restoration, polishing, sealing, cleaning and repair for your home and business. Our services include:


If your stone surface is worn, scratched, chipped, stained or any other forms of damage, our expert restoration masons can restore its appearance and reduce the chances of further damage. Stone is very expensive and replacing it is difficult. With our professional stone restoration Sydney service you will save money and keep your valuable investment looking great.  You can trust us for all your stone and marble restoration needs.


Stone surfaces dull with wear after time. If you want a shiny surface, polishing your stone can improve it’s appearance. We improve your stones clarity to keep it looking brand new.


Grinding using abrasive diamond tools is one of the most high quality restoration processes available. It is much better than chemical polishing and restoration. Chemicals leave film on surfaces and prevent them from breathing. With grinding techniques you will have natural and long lasting results.


Repairing and sealing your surfaces is worth every investment. Using sealing techniques we can help keep away stains and your surfaces will look great for a long period of time. If you want to protect interior or even your exterior stones, we will help you and point you to the best sealant. We will apply it and guarantee its lasting protection.


What finish you choose can transform the look of stone. If you want a polished look or a faded antique look we can find and create the perfect finish. This is the final step to any stone or marble restoration, and we guarantee that you will love your finish.

Grouting and Re-grouting

Discolored and dull grout can make your stone look poor. Keep your tiles and stone work fresh and clean by using our re-grouting and sealing service.

Selection Advice

Stone is becoming popular as a building and finishing material. Choosing the right one can be a challenge. Our customer service professionals advise you on what rock would be right for you so you don’t purchase the wrong one by mistake.

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