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Marble Benchtop Restoration

When restoring marble, abrasive processes are used and follow to successfully remove scratches and strains that are been created over time. This process is known as ‘grinding’ which means the marble is grinded to make the surface smooth and neat. Marble generally has its own shine that is naturally produced when first installed, therefore after grinding the surface does not require marble finishing and can just be left as it is.

It is best to bring in the expertise in the professional field to restore the surface and conduct any repairs on the marble bench top. If the marble needs polishing then it will be polished using professional equipment if you bring in a technician to restore the marble bench top. The polishing is not always a requirement and is really only needed if the shine has gone completely or if you want to add more shine to the surfaces and give it a brand new look.

When you first have marble installed you want to look after it and all of the bench tops that have marble, not only will this cause less damage along the way but will also ensure your bench tops are looking clean and fresh. If you use diamond pads it is important to take care of other areas around the bench tops surfaces so they don’t damage furniture during the process. Also when using the diamond pads you use water that may get onto the walls as it causes splashes; covering your walls and other furniture will prevent splashes. The splashes may also get onto the floor especially if you have wood or marble flooring, as the marble restoration can cause damage to the floors. It is recommended to invest in professional restoration workers who are able to conduct the restoration properly and use their skills to complete the job properly and avoid damage to other areas.

If you do marble bench top restoration yourself or are planning to then there are methods you can put into practise, however use with caution and be aware that you could potentially cause damage if not done properly. Doing it yourself can save you money and provide you with the experience in the future to do it yourself, given you have done it properly and are familiar with the processes. One of the methods is to cover all of areas such as the floor, and then begin the restoration processes to avoid are damage to other areas. Cleaning stains such as vinegar, juice and any other stain can be easily done with the right cleaning equipment. The issue with taking the restoration into your hands it that the marble is pours and naturally, which if exposed to liquid that are adhesive and strong, could absorb the liquid and damage the surface if not done correctly.

Another restoration process is to use powder and a mild cleaning product that is suitable for marble surfaces. After using this, it is important to wash to surface properly and keep it dry. This will also keep the surface shiny and look clean. You could also add a seal to the bench top to prevent further damage; this can be done yourself or by an expert.

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