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Marble Benchtop Polishing

Polishing your marble bench top leaves the marble looks smooth and shiny. The powdered abrasives are used to hone the stone and then to switch to a different powdered abrasive that completes the polish to make it look good. The abrasives that are powder made contain crystals that are superfine and have aluminium oxide or tin oxide in them. The powder is usually white but sometimes can come In the colour of yellow, grey, brown and black. The way the powder works is in is put into the stone with a floor machine that uses water and cloth fibre pads, the powder is then turned into a slurry until a polish is formed to apply. The slurry is removed with a wet vec, then rinses the floor to get rid of excess powder.

The powders that contain oxalic acid are used to make the polishing process run faster however if too much it used, it can cause damage by burning stone. The effect of the stone being burnt will cause the stone to look molten and has a plastic shine, which is not what you want. Furthermore if you use less powder you may run into the problem of not having a complete shine so it is important to find the balance. 

When you first have marble installed it is a good idea to check and enhance sealing and perform grout cleaning to ensure durability and hygiene is achieved. Washing the grout by using a haze purifier will help to rub out haze that is coming from the marble that is fresh and new. Doing this will enhance the overall marble shine and seal to make it look classy and clean.

Marble cleaning is generally consistent of a mixture of cleaning agents and washing liquids as well as vacuuming. These tools will be able to polish areas that need to be cleaned and enhanced overall. Waxing is also a method of polishing that makes your marble look fresh and new. Every marble floor is different and may react differently to various waxes so it is important to choose the right one, knowing what type you have and what wax will work. There are professionals in the area that are able to polish your marble floor with all the right equipment, instead of doing it yourself; of course you will have to invest into this service but is can do wonders if you don’t have the time or resources to find the right equipment yourself. Furthermore having a professional do it ensures a good job and a safe procedure.

Marble floorings are often described as solid and strong that last a long time and that is true, however people run into many problems with marble flooring that requires repair and maintenance over a period of time. Damage such as loose tiles and cracked tiles can be turn  into a big problem and also a hazard, which is why there are restoration services available to recreate your marble floor and polish up your floor.

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