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Stone Benchtop Restoration

top stone benchtop restoration

There are many different types of stone and many different uses for each type.  Perhaps one of the most obvious uses of any stone material is for a bench or tabletop.  Stone benchtops, especially for kitchens, have become very fashionable over the last decade.  Many residential home builders offer stone benchtops, such as Essastone, in standard builds or as optional extra.  Of course the quality of the stone, cut and design will vary with price.  Stone is a very versatile material; it can essentially last forever if treated well.  Depending on how a stone surface is treated, sooner or later it will need to be restored to maintain it’s natural beauty.

Stone Rejuvenation

Every different type of stone has it’s own characteristics.  Of course the choice of stone for any benchtop comes down to personal choice.  It is also true that every different type of stone requires it’s own technique of restoration.  Using the wrong technique or the wrong equipment can lead to surface damage which can be difficult or even possible to repair.  This is why we never recommend ‘do it yourself’ repair for any stone type.

Why Choose Us?

We know that your stone bench is the centre-piece of your kitchen.  It is often one of the first things that is noticed when someone enters the kitchen.  A worn benchtop full of imperfections, particularly in the wrong light, can really detract from the entire look of your kitchen.

We have been in the stone rejuvenation sector for years and know what we are doing.  We guarantee that we can return your stone back to it’s original look at a competitive price.  We have the latest tools and sealers that maintain the natural look of your stone.  Whatever type of stone you have, don’t risk a DIY job.  Return to our homepage for more information on our services, or get in touch with us today on 0426 76 76 76 for a free no obligation quotation.


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